More stuff I made

steering plate for soap box derby car and wooden frame for analog/digital led clock (made for my buddy’s birthday)


Great Projects Mark!
Thanks for posting these.

Would you mind sharing your toll settings for the aluminum piece, if you remember them. I have a couple items to make that are similar.

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Oops. Toll = tool.

These are great! How long did it take you to cut through that huge hunk of aluminum? Very cool.

It took a while. I first cut the outline , the 2 small holes and the center hole with a waterline Toolpath. Then i put in in the mini vise to cut the bearing seats, as these are on both sides, The indentations on each side helped locate the part in the vise so that when i had to flip the part to get the bottom half, it was well located. As these are stepped holes, i had to use a toolpath with a rough pass and then all of the final pass toolpaths. As i was taking tiny amounts on each pass, the entire trip took over 20 hours of machine time. I paused the program at night so it took up most of the weekend. The key was plenty of magic tap and the fact that the tool path formed a well to hold the tap magic and reduce the number of times i needed to squiirt more on.(which was often). The part is 7.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick.

I just retired the PC that ran that code (bad timing) so it will take some doing to get the exact machine settings ( reconnect it and all that). I will eventually need them as well. so stay tuned.

Derby Scale System

More stuff. Nomad 883 was used to mill out the back of this aluminum project box to allow cable connectors to protrude and to make the lid. This think combines the inputs of 4 hacked bathroom scales into one system that can assess weight distribution between the 4 wheels. Such a system is a key for a fast setup.


More stuff

more stuff: “batman” themed miata logo. Mirrored acrylic sheet with 1/8 ball mill

Miata (series A) door block. replaced stock block and stiffens door/ car HDPE (starboard) and 1/8 square mill

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