More than 2 bits for v-carve

In another unnamed cnc program I have - it has the option to use several (more than 2) bits in what Carbide Create would call “Advanced V-carve”. This is really helpful in - say - if I want to use a surfacing bit to carve out a large area in a faster time than just using a 1/4" or smaller bit. So it would be nice to have that option to speed up clearing out large spaces, then smaller bits for finer carves and then down to the v-bit of choice. I think this would be a wonderful addition.


:+1: Yes!!! Rest Milling in the Pocket Tool portion of Advanced V-Carve.
Toss in the option to output single toolpaths & you got something! :wink:


I was going to request being able to simulate the separate tool paths, but outputting a single would be even better.

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