More than a strange behavior

Hi all, and thanx taking my up in the community ;o)
I assembled my Shapeoko 3 XXl successfully.
I was running the ‘Hello World’ as suggested.
Homing was ok. The result was bad due to leveling of the Z-axis.
No hassle.
The first run was basically ok, but then…
Repowering everything, leveling Z, and trying to rerun.
Homing: None off the axes where moving, nothing.
Ok, so switching off the end switches by sending $21=0 and setting $20=1
This brought me back to jog without mandatory homing.
Next step: Repower and restart my Mac, launch Carbide Motion (3.0.361)

Powerup results of the Shapeoko:
X-axis : can be moved freely
Y-axis : holds position, not moveable
Z-axis : can be moved freely

Ok, try to jog the axes within Carbide Motion (3.0.361):
X-axis : moves as expected, but not holding position when I push manually
Y-axis : moves as expected and holding position, even on manual push
Z-axis : Holding position when pressed, but, when clicking to jog Z+/Z-, the axis is always moving downwards…

Lost in space…

Any help or directions appreciated.


Topic can be closed…

Hi Edward,

I received the new controller board today.
Installed, and fired up the hello world.
Charming! Everything as expected!
Thanx to you, and the entire staff @Carbide3D, for sending me a replacement board without any longer discussions.
Customer service at it’s best!

Cheers, and keep up the good work and enjoy life!


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