More Z bit setter options

It would be nice to see an option to have bit setter not check the bit every time but only when asked, or a new bit code pops up mid job. When running multiples of the same job with the same bit it slows work flow down a great deal to have to check every time. I would just turn off bit setter when running multiple jobs but it trashes it’s zero when you do so, rendering the bit setter useless. Thanks for your consideration!

+1. As the rule is to never change the bit without being promted to do so, the machine/software should be well aware of what bit is installed after a job and before the next one.

As a compromise, the user could be asked if bit XY is still installed, and if so, the probing can be skipped.


I asked about this before, but it seems the existing workflow is unlikely to change.

The problem with disabling the BitSetter temporarily is you may forget to enable it and, when you do enable it, the machine runs through the workflow anyway!

Someone also mentioned a toggle button on the CM run screen too, but I guess the workflow would run every time that was toggled, too.

Interesting username @J20jeepster. Not a T.Rex/Marc Bolan fan, by any chance?

Yeah, I suppose I’ll just end up editing the g code on my files that I run multiples of. Simple enough fix. I’m also noticing a big lag when jogging with the new Carbide motion version. Have you noticed?

Naw, My grandpa calls me the Jeepster because I wouldn’t stop talking about Jeeps when I was a teen. Then for my first rig I bought a J20. Now I’m the J20jeepster. :slightly_smiling_face: If you search that name on YouTube You’ll find me.

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