Motion 4 improvements

Can you design the screens so that it is not necessary to scroll down constantly?
There is plenty of room and very few buttons, they dont need to be listed way down below the bottom.

Also, the menu choices at the top do not work to move you to a different screen unless you hit done.
Anything that the done button does can be triggered by moving to a different screen.

A ruler would be nice on the grid. A changeable grid spacing would even be better.

What resolution screen do you have?

The official system requirements are for:

•Screen Display: 1280 x 1024

(from: )

If you have a high resolution screen, turn screen scaling off for this app — it should automatically take advantage of a high resolution display.

For the grid in Carbide Create it is changeable ---- Job Setup | Document Background | Edit | Grid — adjust the spacing as desired (set the units you wish to use before getting there).

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Yep, thanks Will. My resolution was 1920 x 1080 but the scaling was at 175%

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