Motion 551 is sick

I got a problem & support at carbide hasn’t been able to fix.

My notebook running motion died 3 weeks back. Loaded up a beelink GTR i5 running win 10 Pro, fully updated with create & motion 551. Hooked everything up to the new computer, powered up, set up the motion to 3 xxl with z-belt… initialized… It ran to home, went to JOG to set up the bitsetter and the “y” won’t move more than 5mm. “X” only 5mm, “z” up/down all day. Rapid (7 point grid) nothing… 5mm only and the points are opposite. Run the “quick” to current x&y… ZOOM>>>>>>>

Once the router is out at the left front corner… No matter what button you touch (-x, -y, -z, +x, +y, +z) the router heads towards home on the diagonal.

If I use Vcarve Pro’s Vtransfer all the jog buttons move the router as they should.

My machine is sick and I don’t know what medicine to shove down it’s throat!

Hi @gojuiceguy

Double-check if maybe after you reinstalled CM you forgot to “Load Defaults” in the Travel Dimensions menu in Machine settings?


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Nope, I did that… William at Carbide suggested I save to the black box 3 time; because others had said that is what it took for the EPROM to keep the data… That doesn’t work either. I tried saving 5 times all the while waiting for the “busy” to disappear. Close setting, initialize it homes just fine, open the jog to move the gantry to where the bitsetter is and -y moves 5mm and stops. -x: 5mm and stops. Hit any of the rapid buttons and it moves 5mm and stops. Upper left corner and the gantry moves in the opposite direction. I am completely and totally baffled. 3 weeks ago when I used the machine to cut out two stencils it worked fine, 24 hours later when I came home from work my laptop was dead. I shut the machine down went inside grab my new computer configured it to the new updated win 10 Pro, downloaded car by software made sure it was up to date. Went out for the garage plugged in the machine powered everything up, Open carbide motion, configured it as per the defaults for my machine, and this is when I started having problems.

If you don’t mind, to help troubleshoot it would be helpful to dump the current values stored in your controller:

Open CM, go the Settings menu, click on the Show Log button in the lower left corner of the window I mentioned above. This should open a separate log window, keep that open. Make sure “Hide Status Reports” box is checked:


Now go to the MDI menu, type $$ and hit SEND,

You should see traces in the log window, scroll down to where the “$” values are:

We can check whether your $130/$131 values are not stuck at 5.0.
If not, this will prove the problem is on CM side, and a full uninstall/reinstall may be in order

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Later in my morning I’ll do this, thanks for your help.

I’D LIKE TO APOLOGIZE to the fine group that has been trying to help me in my endeavors to get my 3XXL back up and running…

It has been my failure to see the entire box of the settings screen and every time I went to configure the machine up until today… I was not completing the command by clicking the OK button, but rather clicking the “x” in the upper right corner… effectively cancelling the command.

All is well in central California!
Thank you all.


Thank you for posting your solution. I have found this to be a ‘feature’ of designs made for size 5 fonts that when enlarged so they are readable portions of the screen need to be scrolled down to in order to be visible.

As an old guy I have had to relearn this ‘feature’ more than once.


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