Motion 636 - Time calcs

Has anyone noticed the Time calc’s and time remaining are not correct. I know it’s never been real accurate, but now I get “TextLabel” in time remaining.

I ran a job last night that reported 38 min’s to run, but it was really 3 hrs.
It stayed on under 1 minute for 45 minutes.

Not a show stopper, but ???

Win 11

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Which post-processor with what CAM tool are you using?

Fusion 360 generated path. (3.1 MB)

Hi James,

I have the same “TextLabel” issue using Vectric Vcarve Pro versions 11.5 and 12.007 and Carbide Motion 635 and 636. It happens to me anytime I cut circles, squares are OK. Post-Processor Carbide Motion ATC version 4 default embedded in Vectric as well as my version 5’s.


Putting a link here to previous post I made about this.

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I have been using CC and CM since version 3. The CC calculations are always wrong and the CM is not technically wrong but does not consider a lot of time like tool changes and things like that. So likely CM is correct about actual cutting time but not about the total time it takes to get a project cut out.

CM cuts the tool paths in the order they are in in CC but @WillAdams explains the order in which a tool path is executed he calls the traveling salesman. Over the years C3D has improved that issue but CM will start cutting in one corner, move to another corner and then move back to another place on the tool path. Not sure why but wouldnt it seem more efficient for the tool to just keep cutting and not move around. I suppose there is a reason but since I dont know the internals of the logic in CC and CM I just let it do its thing. Since v3 things have really improved but it still has a way to go. People report that Vetric is much more efficient in the way things are cut but it is a difference of $300-$2000 as opposed to free. For free I will put up with some inconsistencies in the time to cut a job as well as time remaining and the actual time to cut.

So, rephrasing, what are the conditions that cause Carbide Motion to display the word “TextLabel” instead of a number value for Time Remaining?

There are three most probable options for CM to display in the Time Remaining field:

  1. a numerical value
  2. Under 1 minute
  3. TextLabel

What are the conditions that cause option 3 display: TextLabel ??



Another hint. A second tool path from fusion has the same issue.
I noticed it does not give you a tool # in the import page

“TextLabel” is quite likely the default value for the programming ‘widget’ (text field) that holds the Time Remaining value. So if that value hasn’t been changed by the program, the default displays.

As Guy mentioned, the program doesn’t take into account acceleration/deceleration, rapid feedrate or any G53 motion (it doesn’t know where the machine zero is relative to the workpiece zero).
So it’s just a simple Distance / Feedrate calculation. It should however, be somewhere in the ballpark. ???

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