Motion freezing at end of program run

Hi All,
2017 Shapeoko 3 . Latest Carbide motion, GRBL ver. 1.1f, HDZ Windows 10
Never before problem with all motion freezing at end of program at the last retract height. Random.
Can’t jog or anything. Shut down and reconnect only solution.
Any ideas ?

Thanks ! Brian

Any error message ? does the machine disconnect ?

Nothing, just sits there. :thinking:

It may help diagnosing if you can reproduce that with the log window open, see if the machine still responds to MDI commands like $$
The usual suspect is EMI, did anything change in your electrical setup recently?

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Thanks for the replies !
Actually added additional ground wire to router mount when this started.
Computer is not connected to internet except when I decide to do win updates.
Did that today.
Next time I’ll let the Shapeoko set for a bit longer and see if the program ends on it’s own to the" turn router off and resume."

Usually if this problem arises after a period of successful usage it’s caused by either decreasing humidity, or worn carbon brushes — please check and if need be replace them per your owner’s manual.

If that doesn’t help, check in at

New Makita router so I’m leaning to the dry air, too. I’ll take a picture of the screen if it acts up again. Ran today on short program,all O.K.


Hello Brian,
The same thing just happened to me. This is the second time it has happened. It got to about 2% left and just stopped. The router was still running but the program froze and I couldn’t do anything except shut it off.


That’s the problem. Have not run the Shapeoko enough to see the problem again.Intermittent problems are the worse. I did check to make sure no power settings in Win 10 Pro were active. Updated Carbide motion to the latest version. Thanks for the post !!


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