Motor stalling up

This just recently started happening. Any suggestions? All the wheels are tight there’s nothing on the track to hang it up. It always happens at that exact same spot and only on the left motor. I took the belt off and just let the motor spin and it does the exact some thing. Is the motor shot or can it be fixed?

This happening at the same spot makes me suspect wiring fault.

Remove the extension lead and swap it with the other one — if that fixes it, or if the problem switches sides it’s a bad wire — if the problem persists, swap the Y-axis connectors on the control board — if the problem swaps sides, then it’s a bad stepper driver chip on the controller, if it stays on the same side it’s the motor.

Whatever you find out, contact and we’ll sort this out with you.


Think I found the issue. A loose wire. I’ll soder

Problem solved! Thanks!

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