Mount xxl to pull down table on wall

thinking seriously of buying Shapeoko xxl for guitar work. Would like to mount on a stiffened plywood surface and then hinge to the wall and be able fold up to the wall when not in use. I have no floor space I can think of to dedicate to this tool.
Anybody done this or have other ideas of not taking dedicated floor space for this cnc router??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The levering down from a wall has been suggested, and folks tend to be concerned about the loading of the V wheels — it puts them in the worst possible position — but if raised and lowered gently, and not stressed when in the vertical it ought to be workable.

Folks have instead used pulley systems to raise the machines up to the ceiling, and lower them at need when working on them.

I thought the same way (about a “murphy” table) in my design process, but was afraid of not getting the same precision from job to job due to what WillAdams was mentioning. Then I didn’t have ceilings high enough for the pulley systems.

I decided that this is a machine that needs its own table for all kinds of reasons, but the most prominent reason is because when it is sitting there ready to go, you will use it on so many more projects.

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Just ordered my XXL. Don’t know where I’m going to put it but I’ll have it. My shop is pretty jammed but probably due to my own inefficiency I can move enough stuff around to make room. I was just hoping to piggyback on some clever ideas… Still like the idea of being able to hinge it to the wall. Thanks for the input.

If a proper holding brace is designed into it to support the x-axis rail, x-axis plate assembly & clamp the z-axis, there really shouldn’t be much of an issue.
I am intending to create a portable setup table for my XXL to be able to flip it on it’s side, then roll it into my trailer for hauling - I like the flexibility of mobile assets. Keeping impulse forces off of the V-wheels is a definite concern but can certainly be mitigated by a supporting brace.

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