Mouseover on 3d bitmap/layer to view height, and/or within vector

It would be handy to be able to see the height of a 3d bitmap/layer so that further carving could be better informed. An example would be carving out a 3d terrain, you want to put a place name in a particular spot, you don’t want to start the pocket/contour from the stock height, but guessing the height could be a tad hazardous to your endmill. Being able to spot check with the mouse could be really handy in getting an idea where to start that text cut.

In a similar vein, putting the text where you want it to be, then somehow viewing the max/min heights within that vector (so you could see the start height of the pocket/contour, and know the thickness left at the lowest point, so you have to go X below that for the full text to be visible.).

If this is unclear I could make a video showing the desired workflow.

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