Move a design to Carbide motion

I am new to using Cad. That said, how do I move a design I created to Carbide Motion?

You will need to:

  • draw up the design in CAD — which program are you using? We suggest Carbide Create to start out
  • assign toolpaths to cut out the part in the desired fashion using a CAM tool — again, which are you using? We recommend Carbide Create
  • send the toolpaths to the machine using Carbide Motion — how this is done differs a bit depending on what one is using — the traditional option would be to export the toolpaths as a G-code file using a suitable suffix such as .nc — for Carbide Create v7 we include the toolpaths in the .c2d file, so you send that and it is extracted

We have some documentation at:

and also see:

If you’re stuck, let us know where and send the files either here or to and we’ll do our best to assist.

In v6 and below .nc files are saved as gcode files. You send those files with cm. In v7 the gcode files are encrypted in the .c2d file and you send that with cm.

In the run tab of cm you choose the new file and that loads the files into cm and sends them to the Shapeoko/Nomad.

David, one way to handle that is to save the file as a DXF in your CAD program. In Carbide Create you can import the DXF and apply machining as needed to create the NC file needed to run the parts you’ve drawn.
Let me know if this helps.

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