Moving Cutter in Nomad 883

(Ryan Remien) #1

Excited to finally get the Nomad 883 for my classroom.

Starting tutorial #1 (wrench) and when I get to the step where I need to move my cutter using the directional X, Y, & Z keys, nothing happens. I’ll hear a click, but nothing happens.

I can use ‘Rapid Position’ and the cutter will move, but I’m not able to bring the cutter down to a specific location.

I’m assuming I’m missing a simple step. Any help would be appreciated!


(Nathaniel Klumb) #2

Super-basic question, but on the “Jog / Position” screen, what’s your increment set to?

(If you’re only moving, say, 0.01mm at a time, you’ll hear the steppers but won’t easily see any motion. Increase it to, say, 1mm at a time, and things will move more.)


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