Moving in imperial units in MDI

I work in inches. I could swear that it the past I gave used g0 in MDI to move in inches. Now no matter how I format the command it moves in millimeters. g0x10y10 and g20g0x10y10 and g21g0x10y10 all yield the same results. Am I remembering wrong or has something changed.

I use imperial as well. The Shapeoko uses metric under the covers. I know in jog my machine displays in inches. Not at my machine to test right now for mdi.

I know that in gcode one of the early commands sets metric or imperial so since the machine runs natively in metric it would make sense mdi commands would be in metric by default. G20 sets imperial and G21 sets metric. Try sending G20 first?

I can’t test right now but try prepending a β€˜/’ to those commands e.g.


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