Multi-Tool Project in MeshCAM Nomad Pro

Hi All,

I have just had a Nomad 883 Pro and I have a question about Multi-tool projects.

I have a lot of material that I want to get rid of on a project with a large end mill then do a pass with a small end mill for fine detail. How do I do this, is there a setting on MeshCAM that stops the job half way and then I can change the bit? Or do I have to run the projects fully twice to get the final result?

I really haven’t found a solution to this yet.


Hi @lnpurnell
You have a couple options, can you post a picture of the file?
In addtion to MeshCAM, you may want to try Carbide Create,
heres a link to a CC Roughing Pass discussion:

Without seeing a picture of the design, its harder to help, but heres a screenshot of MeshCAMs toolpath settings, Roughing settings are on the left, finish and pencil pass settings are defined on the the right.

Thanks for this, does that mean I can use a larger tool for the 1st pass, then it will ask me to change the tool half way through?

on the Nomad pro it has a z axis sensor, doe this mean I dont have to worry about the length of the end mill in the chuck?>


Yes, the Nomad will pause for tool changes.

You set the Origin with the first tool (large) and when the roughing pass is done the machine will pause.


Carbide motion will prompt you to change to the next tool, after you insert the smaller tool, confirm so by clicking continue

Do a test cut in something soft first to test your setup.
If the part is flat, and will use waterline toolpaths I would recommend CC.