Multiple copies of parts cut in one file?

I did several searches and did not find anything.
Using Carbide Create 514 and Motion 521 on a XXL PRO. I am making some small (1x2 inch approx) shim parts I need for a hobby. I need many of these. It would be nice to cut multiple parts at a time instead of one or two. I did a Create file with two part bodies, and did a separate Profile cut for each and that worked. But THREE PARTS IN A SINGLE Create file wont properly work. It seems to lose the outline of the third body, or the tabs disappear, etc. Cant edit them to get it right. TWO bodies works fine, thru Motion, but THREE wont, the ways I’ve tried.


Please post the .c2d file — most likely cause is stacked geometry — do some lines appear darker?

Figured it out. I was selecting one body, doing the profile setup, then selecting the next body, setting up the profile operation, then selecting the third body, etc. To make it work I selected all three bodies and did one profile operation. Tabs allowed me to define tabs on each body. works great, just cut out three at once. Now have shims coming out of my ears!

I doubt my previous experience with 15 years using 3D CAD, 19 years of plasma cutting with Mach3, and two years of vinyl cutting experience with Vinylmaster LTR, is doing me any good at all. Every package has its own special little assumptions.

Thanks for being here!

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