Multiple hangups today

Was cutting out some boxes today and everything was going fine. Vcarved the top then flipped the it over to do the insides and everything was still going great. The pockets hollowed out the insides fine too. So then the final Cutout pass hung up on 3rd box. I edited the file to produce a new Code that cuts out the 3rd through 6th box and it restarted it a few times and could only make a small cut before hanging again.

I changed the brushed in the Dewalt thinking they were down low and it didn’t help. I mean I cut for 2 hours and they it doesn’t want to cut more. I power it off in disgust and walked away from it. I salvaged 2 out of the 6 boxes

Is it the machine or the trim router which is halting?

If it’s the machine, please see:

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Thanks Will

I may have to borrow an oscilloscope and current probe to look at the stepper waveforms to see if some extra capacitors might help. I did the motor driver designs for many IBM Electronic Typewriters and Printers in a past life and have experience in this area. Paralleling a cap across the motor coil can reduce EMI but we have to be careful not to except the instantaneous power rating of the cap (only a little calculus is required to verify that LOL).

I looked through you referenced post and it was helpful and saved me some legwork. But I didn’t see any specific torrid mentioned for the steppers but saw it was discussed there. Not sure that’s the right approach for the steppers but it’d be interesting to see discussions on it.

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I believe if you’ll search for “oscilloscope” here you’ll find some previous discussions of the electronics at this sort of low level.

Please let us know about this at and we’ll do our best to help (please be sure to mention what you did based on the link so that we can skip past the basic canned response which is a friendly version of said link).

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