Multiple (or just two) instances of CC

Would it be possible to open multiple instances of CC, please, so stuff can be copied from one to the other?

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Running two copies is already doable. If you’re on Windows, right click on the icon in the toolbar and select “Carbide Create V5” again, and you’ll have two instances running.

Unfortunately, CC doesn’t seem to implement a clipboard in the way other programs do.

It has a “copy” function, which in other programs (VCarve, Inkscape, Affinity Designer etc…) is “duplicate”.

It has a “cut” option which appears to be “delete”.

I can’t find any “paste” option, though.

Perhaps these options cause clutter? :slight_smile:

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Windows? Pah! They get all the good stuff :rofl:

Well, I can’t do that on my Mac, sadly - unless I need to have the program installed twice but named differently?

I suppose I really meant “Can we have an option to copy and paste from one instance of CC to another, please” :thinking:

Can VCarve have multiple windows open at any one time, to do the copy and paste thing, I wonder?

On a mac you can do it and it is more intuitive and just works ;). You need to open a terminal and type:

open -n -a "Carbide Motion"

I just tried opening an existing project in VCarve, selecting some items, copying them and then pasting them into a new project open in a separate instance and it worked as expected.


Yes, this is a good tip for opening multiple instances of a program on Mac. Unix underpinnings should make this easy on a Mac. Doing it with Carbide Create is not quite working as expected. Copying does not appear to copy the object to the general clipboard for use in any software and can then be copied across to another instance of CC. It appears to only copy the highlighted object to the same page.

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The open command is actually quite complicated, and relies heavily on Apple-specific frameworks in MacOs and less on unix’s fork() or exec(), which are pretty much there and equivalent in any OS.

It can open helpers based on file types, urls based on url handlers, folders in finder etc.


No copy-paste.

Export to an SVG, then open the second file and import the geometry using the Library | Import External File function

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Thanks @WillAdams - hence the Feature Request! :thinking:

Although, I do appreciate this is more likely to be for geometry, who knows where it might lead :rofl:

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Thank you for this useful method. I will try to remember it. :grin:

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A quick note to remind everyone that because of its contextual nature you can’t import into CC if you have something selected. Caught me a few times in the past.