Muti-direction probing


Now I know I might be harping on a bit about probing, but since getting a probe it has literally saved me hours or work and mistakes, and I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks.

I had an idea today, around dual sided milling and why it’s a pain in the ass. Currently most of you use the Dowling method which wrecks your soil board/waste board and takes time. However if you could probe in any direction you could remove this. Essentially if you were to probe from the bottom left corner as is natural, then flip the part 180 in a forward rotation we could then probe from the top left angle - as we’d haver the same stock offsets and measurements. It should also be a dead easy code change…

Thus allowing us to dual side mill anywhere on the waste-board.

crude mock up on a random part I had

Model A

Model A rotated 180 and new datum set at the back