My $100 Shapeoko Pro CNC Table

Like all of us, I had to come up with a place to sit my CNC (Shapeoko Pro). I ended up designing and building my own table and really like it. I designed it in Sketchup and came up with a table that only used two sheets of 4x8 plywood, and left plenty of room for onboard material storage, the option to add drawers, put dust collection below, and even a breakout electrical panel for e-stop switches and other electronics! I’ll post some photos below. I have a full write-up article as well as the build video and plan set over on my website if you’re interested in building this same table.


Nice build! If I were to re-build my table, I would make the top more of a torsion box. Even though my table was pretty solidly build I still notice some very minor rack in it.


Yes a torsion box top is on my to do list.

@Samcraft, I wish you had asked about a table before you built yours.

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