My bracket for fixed-height dust shoe

Craig, that looks pretty sharp alright!

Please feel free to post back to this thread when you get the Kickstarter going.

Figured Iā€™d follow-up and post that my bracket and shoe have been fabulous. I spent about 2.5 hours cutting acrylic a couple of days ago, and due to the way the incoming air passes the bit, the bit never got much above body temperature.

And of course, the dust was collected.

So simple and yet works so well. This is the greatest improvement over my other CNC machine, the fixed-height aspect is wonderful.

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Did you ever kickstarter this? Iā€™m looking at changing dust shoes (my 3d printed variant is falling apart). The suckit is out of my budget.

I will have it on Kickstarter soon, you can sign up for email notifications at The process is taking a little longer than I was expecting.

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