My dumb question of the day

I used Carbiide Create 6 years ago when I first bought my S3XXL. I quickly moved to Vectric Vcarve. My machine has been in storage for over a year and as I restart it I decided to upgrade GRBL to 1.1 and Carbide Motion. I’m having issues and support suggested that I use Carbide create to make a file to see if my Vectric work is causing the issues. So I created a file in Carbide Create (.C2D) when I launch Carbide Motion is this the file I load?? It’s like I’m a beginner again or just having a very bad Senior Moment. Thanks in advance

If your using the latest version of CM Build 566. Then, if you created your file in CC Version 7., you would load the .cd2 file into CM. CC Version 7 does not create a .nc file

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I use Vectric Aspire with Carbide Motion pretty much every day. I would look to your post processor for a resolution. @neilferreri has shared some flawless code for that.

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Thank you thats what I needed to know.

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