My First and Second Projects

I made a 12 inches high, 1/2" segments, Doric Greek Column. Will be used to make a mold.

Then I cut this today for my driver set to hang on the wall, close to the SO3.

Enjoy. I used to get lots of interruptions and stops, but now that I slowed down the Dewalt router, everything ran fine for this long duration cut.


By the way, the Column is tapered, each 1/2 segment being very slightly smaller than the one below.

Very nice!

Pardon me for asking - If you secure the driver holder to the wall with the 4 mount locations, how do you get the drivers out? I’m simply asking because I don’t see a way to fit my fingers into the smaller driver areas and I would think to add a slot/keyway cut. :slight_smile:

That is a very good question. If one were to push in at the top (they are rounded there), the bottom pops out a bit.
Now if that doesn’t work well enough, I can make some something like a battery puller, like you sometimes see in remotes or other electronic gadgets.

I’m putting some clear finish on it now, and I’ll give it “the ultimate” test tomorrow.:slight_smile:

Awesome, that was my initial thought but it depends on the depth of the seat for the drivers to allow that range of motion. The battery puller idea is solid, I’m looking forward to what you come up with during testing!

that doric column is fabulous! and the romans also had to construct them from multiple pieces.

excellent work!!

Hey, I tested it and it seems to work just fine…


Looks great, no need to adjust the design if it works as intended!