My first commission: an LED lit sign for a BBQ camp

A good friend commissioned a sign from me for her husband. They do both outdoor camping/arts festivals and BBQ competitions, so it needed to be weather resistant and illuminated at night.


that is nice and clean. I really need to do a height offset for letters on my next sign

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I love it… ant chance you can send me wiring instructions. Love the sign

You are rocking those white glasses.

BONUS SIGN: i saved all the little test pieces i made when i was testing standoffs and stains and pocket offsets and stuff when made the above in december, and just assembled them into a secondary sign because why not/i hate throwing things away.


Nice sign above, however, I think the “throw-aways” looks even better! I like it!

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Nice job. First commission of many!

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Well done! I like it.

Brilliant job! The light casted over the “est. 2012” has a great effect.