My first experience and something to watch out for

Hi Guys

I started with the spanner and did not have the collet tight enough. Interestingly this does not immediately cause the machine to stop. The cutter keeps cutting but as it go’s along drills down deeper into the job, then into the wooden board and in my case you randomly hit one of the screws holding the mdf to the table. I think I was both unlucky and incredibly lucky because it looks like the cutter hit the screw in the middle rather than on the edge so it just stopped drilling down (or slowed to the point of nearly stopping) and then just carried on. Had I hit the screw from the side I think it would have broken something. Everything still seems to work okay although there was an error on setting the cutter height. I just restarted carbide motion and it was fixed though.

Some interesting discoveries. When you hit the estop the zero offsets are not reset so I could just raise the cutter and re zero the z and continue as normal.

My biggest bug bear with the software so far is that if you accidentally jog into the limit switches the whole homing process must be restarted. Maybe this is requried for accuracy - I don’t know - but if not it would be great to not have that issue. It would be much less likely that you would run into the limit switches if you knew which way to move the y and I find up on the screen should move the table in not out toward the limit but maybe I’m just not logical. Anyway I am going to mark where the y axis limit is on the bed so I’m more careful when I get close to it to click down (in).


We made sure to retain the offsets between power cycles so that a failed toolpath can be rerun or so that you can run the same job multiple times. I’m glad you noticed it- that function has worked out really well for us.

In the next big update of Carbide Motion, I’ll see if I can get the limit behavior working better. I’m not happy with it now, but like I mentioned in another thread, we decided to make V1 the minimum that works to make sure we don’t head down the wrong path before users get involved.


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No worries, just to be clear I am extremely happy so far. Look what I’ve made already - both drawn by me in solid works for practice testing.

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Very nice- those look like my quick test parts when I get a new system.