My first flip-jig project: 3d heart

Found an stl file of a heart on Grabcad and followed Apollo’s instructions from his chess piece thread. It was pretty easy to do! I will shoot a tutorial video once I’ve had some time to get better at it.

It’s such a cool feeling to have a smooth and rounded solid block of cherry hardwood in my hand :smile:

FYI - I cut it from a 3" x 2" x 1" hardwood block.



Very nice looking piece. What did you use for feeds and speeds?

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Used the same feeds and speeds as the Minion rook - 40/10 roughing, 50/20 finishing

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How long did it take to machine? and how loud is the Nomad when cutting?

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In my experience, which is extremely limited so far, it is much quieter then I expected. Maybe I should go measure it compared to some common household objects. Major note: I have not milled any metal yet. Only woods, plastics, and other compounds like the synthetic wood Carbide3d has. I’d say it is quieter than my dishwasher. I have an old dishwasher, not one of the newer quieter models models like a Bosch.

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It took about 30 minutes per side to machine.

And I’m planning to do some sound tests with a decibel meter - but until then, it’s hard to describe the sound. It’s tolerable, if that helps (hah)

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Thanks I’m planning on milling Swiss Pear when mine arrives, my neighbours can be a bit funny but thanks for the advice.

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We have Tested the Nomad sound levels, you can have a conversation next to the machine when cutting wax.
Hardwoods and Aluminum are the loudest and get to around 90 db, which is the same as a powered hand drill.

I have personally used my Nomad in my apartment, cutting metals.

Thanks Apollo :slight_smile: really appreciate the advice that has settled a few worries! just can’t wait to start cutting!

can you provide apollo instruction link ?

Very nice work there.