My first Knife Project

This was my first knife project (and first real project off my Nomad). Took a while, made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot. Thanks @mbellon and @Randy for helping me today. Managed to get this one out just in time to give to a friend for Christmas.

I made it out of wood from an old barn that I helped to take down in Middle Tennessee. I salvaged a lot of the wood. I used a scrap piece to do some testing with. Turned out this wood is actually 100 year old white oak and turned out amazing (at least I thought so). I machined the inlay initials out of rosewood. Sanded them and finally rubbed them with walnut oil.



Keep up the good work!


:+1: :+1: Looks great, whatever @PDG stands for. :wink: You have a fortunate friend.

Randy (happy and honored to be tag-teaming with @mbellon)