My first piece!

After a couple of weeks of building, tinkering, and learning Fusion 360 I finally have my first success! I cut this from plywood, stained, and mounted it. And cracked open a bottle to celebrate. Had to test it of course!


Fantastic job my friend! :ok_hand:

Nice work Reidfo :+1:

Great Job!..

Can you share how you mounted it to the wall?

I used the mounting holes for the bottle opener. I just drilled straight through and used drywall anchors in the wall.

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Looks great! Can’t beat the feeling of a successful project! Question; Did you chisel the inside corner on the left “L”? I don’t see the rounded corner that a bit usually leaves.

The whole thing was cut with a 1/8” flat end mill and then sanded. There is a very slight round to the corner you mentioned.