My first project

Heres my first project using the nomad! I had some scrap wood that was 4 inch by 4 inch, so i wiped up a simple 3d model that fit the specs of my wood scrap. For the first time using a cnc i thought it went pretty well and was pretty easy to use.

couldnt upload images. so i put them up on imgur.

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Great idea for a first project. I think we’ll have to add that to the project todo list around here.


second project i made some 3 dimensional ampersands.

for my 3rd project i wanted to make some simple 2.5d wooden boxes with lids (lid not shown). so i followed along the tutorials you guys have. and this is the result.

i milled it in 2 different passes. for the first one i set the machining region to only the inside of the box and did the rough cut pass. and on the second i did all the finishing passes. (finishing pass, waterline and pencil cleanup.) still messing around a lot with milling settings. . . trying to up settings so it can mill faster. but sometimes that results in messed up cuts.

any suggestions on my settings would be most appreciated.

The settings you show are a good starting point. I will typically start increasing either the depth of cut or the feedrate a little bit on each project until I run into trouble. 55 inch/min is pretty quick so I’d start increasing the depth of cut first.

I also suspect that your finish feedrate can increase a bit too if you reduce the Stock to Leave value in roughing to something more like .025"


thanks rob! good info. ill try experimenting with settings.

Another question. I was messing with the Gwizard feeds/speeds calculator. To see what kind of settings they recommend. Most of the time i will be milling woods either soft or hard. (soft while i learn / experiment)

The spindle speed recommendation in Gwizard was around 7500. when i edit the mill bit in meshcam you guys had it set to 5000. what are the benifits and draw backs for the different spindle speeds. should i keep it at 5000? or bump it up to the 7500.


5000 is the default, i believe all the standard tools are set to 9000. for all the calculators ive used it seems to select the max rpm, not sure why. could be because i’m using mostly 1/16" cutters.

as for your wood project i would bet you could gain quite a bit by speeding up the feed rate of the finish passes. 10 seems very slow.

Thank you for sharing. How do you feel about the scrap wood you used? What was it? Did it splinter or maintain a good fidelity?

It was really cheap pine from home depot. Milling wise it was very easy, using the default settings in mesh cam made it pretty simple. (trying to decrease milling times for faster mills is another story : )) but so far so good. quality wise. a very light sanding was done after milling, but no more the a few minutes.

lots to learn still, but so far its been pretty fun learning!