My first projects to learn by. I love this machine!

(James H. Miller) #1

The Joshua 1:9 plaque was the first thing I made. For my wife. :smiley:
The other plaque was done by my 12yo son for 1 of his brothers…I have 6 sons :open_mouth:
The coasters are for an upcoming bridal shower my wife is hosting. I have a few more to make, and I think I’ll color fill the lettering and outside graphics before the final epoxy fill.
I’ve got some monogram ideas, and a stacked text plaque to make for it also. It’s this weekend and I do work full time, so wish me luck.
I’ve got about 20yrs CAD/CAM and machine experience, so I was able to jump right in. And this machine is SO simple. While I do like the simplicity of Carbide Create, I think I’ll stick with Fusion for my CAD/CAM. I did have to learn Fusion, as I’m a SolidWorks/CamWorks guy, but so far it has gone fairly well.
Anyway, I’ve been following this community for awhile, and you guys are great. I’m really looking forward to where this company and community are heading.


(Stuart) #2

Awesome projects! love that you’re getting the kids involved too :slight_smile:

I use Solidworks/HSMworks for a few jobs on my Shapeoko, but it’s pretty hard to go past Fusion360 as a free package.


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(James H. Miller) #3

I wish I could use HSMworks at my “real” job. The CAM in Fusion is so much better that CAMworks, but HSM doesn’t have a post for wire EDM.


(Stuart) #4

Yeah found Fusion/HSMworks very intuitive and simple compared to Camworks, but to be fair I didn’t persist with Camworks for long…

Vectric offer some good software too, I use Aspire and love it. When compared with CAD/CAM It really shines with inlays, V-carving, graphics and text - More signs and ‘arty’ type stuff.

I’m interested to see where Carbide Create Pro goes, they’re putting some serious horsepower into development, and asking the people what features they want.

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