My first "real" project...all guidance welcome!

Hi! So…I want to make a Christmas ornament…my plan is to do this on light, thin wood (cutting out the outlined sections) and then mount it on a darker wood so it shows thru the cutouts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best wood to use and/or the best bits for this project?
Do you test your projects in any way before cutting?

I’m sorry I’m always such a bundle of questions… :slight_smile:

This is the design - if anyone has any thoughts on the art - I’m open to any pointers…


What a fun project! I have not done the following myself, and unfortunately, I cannot find an example of it to link to, but…

You may want to look into taking your base/dark wood, and applying your light/contrasting wood as a veneer. If you adequately glue the veneer on before cutting, it shouldn’t tear when cutting on your CNC (with the proper feeds and speeds). You also would only need to cut the depth of the veneer (0.025") for your design. This might be easier than, say, a 1/8" contrast wood that is cut and then glued to your backing afterward.

I would definitely do some testing on scrap wood to your desired depth. If you go with a veneer, maybe get enough extra for a couple of test runs so that you know how that particular veneer cuts.

As for bits, I can’t tell what overall size you are going for your ornament, but some of those cuts look pretty thin. Perhaps using a V-Bit would get you the best definition? See what your software simulation shows for different bit types/sizes.

Yeah the upside to the veneer method is you can use a vbit for your carving and avoid having to work with very tiny bits. It takes a very long time to mill something with a 1/32" bit. In the picture below I did vcarve but I also kept all my geometry large enough to accommodate the bit.