My first YouTube Video

Helpful comments and critiques Welcome.

YouTube Video


Not bad. Actually talking is better than text on the screen. That would improve the video. Speed up the sections where your just cutting the tool paths would also help. Turn the music down! It was distracting from the video

Thank you. Do you have a YouTube channel?

There’s definitely a lack of Shapeoko Pro content in video format to consume out there so great on you to put yourself out there and share your content. Not sure what direction you are planning to go with your YouTube channel but don’t forget the perfect jobs are not the only material to publish but also when things go wrong and there a learning moment that comes out of it also makes great content. Good luck!!!

My next video is going to be two lure boxes for my neighbor that ties Flies. I have them in the computer just need to finish a table and chairs project for my wife.

Not yet. I’m planning to start one when my studio is finished.

All the training vids say to go ahead and start now. even if you don’t feel you are ready.

Oh, I understand that. I’m the one who is actually is doing the work on my studio. I’m waiting on the electrical inspector for my final electrical approval today. Barring some weird spec that he pulls out of his behind, that should be approved today.

Building inspector gave me final approval last Wednesday & spray foam installation was done Thursday. That leaves me with the mini-split installation & drywall.

The big hold is that I’m having surgery on Friday, so I’m racing to get anything done with studio before that & winter hits.

I’ve been collecting content since the start of the build & figure since I won’t be able to do anything else, I’ll start editing the collected content for my first video series.

After that, moving & setting up my tools/machine, assemble my two 3XXLs, and start creating content.


WOW! Best of luck on your time line. Part of your content should be the work being done on your studio and what all is involved.

That’s what I was planning to do. From greenfield site to first project completion.

Sounds like you are having fun, that is all that matters.
BTW, thanks for the constructive criticism on my first vid.
I am using Hitfilm Express and still learning how to use it.

Most definitely having fun, with moments of full blown frustration usually when dealing with a city inspector’s weird “requests”. But as of yesterday, there out of my hair.

I’ve not heard of Hitman so I looked it up. Seems like a loaded program, especially for free. I going to download it during recovery and see how I like it.

I’m familiar enough with a couple of packages that my college uses, they just don’t play nice with YouTube.

Your welcome & feel free to comment on my first upload. Hopefully by the end of the year.

HIT FILM Express is the software