My last work on the Shapeoko XXL

Hello everyone, here my last work on Cedar wood. 40 do not disturb double side signs for The Guilded Iguana - Surf Hotel, Nosara Costa Rica. I used 1mm and 1.5mm downcut end mill bits for this project. Let me know if you like it!

Here a video how I cut them

And some pics


Looks really good, but I hope it’s Your latest work and not Your last :wink:

Edit: a word.


Those are some serious door hangers! I like them! :smiley:

Yes sure!!! :grin: thank you so much!

Thank you! The hotel is a nice one so only nice signs for them!!! I made all signs for them!

Very elegant.

Are you able to just vacuum or blow the wood shavings in the engravings out or do you need to do extra cleaning up?

I usually use a vacuum connected to the splinder but the 1mm bit it is too short to use it and doesn’t make so much dust. I always sand and clean the carving before painting to have the best final result.

Do you have to clean down in the engraving? It such a tight space. Just curious if people go in with a hobby knife or something to clean anything left from the cutter.

Usually not if your splinder is trim well you do not need any cleaning inside. Also downcut bits leave the surface clean. If you need to clean small parts you can use small chisels or small piece of sand paper. But I always blow the sand wood away with an air compressor.


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