My new project : custom seal


I designed the seal in Illustrator, using a madala found on the internet and various shapes I liked.
I then imported the SVG in Carbide Create to generate the toolpaths.

I used a small disk of brass, 26mm in diameter, 6mm thick. I locked it in place by carving a 25.8mm pocket in my wasteboard. Friction was strong enough for the task; I even had trouble removing the piece…
I started by facing the top surface with an 1/8" flat bit before sanding it flat.
I used a 0.1mm 10 deg V bit (from ebay) to carve the madala and the letters, and then a #121 bit (1/32" ball bit) from Carbide3D for the sound hole shape.
For the teeth of the outer cog, I used a #111 bit (1/16" ball).

My cut parameters :

  • Mandala/letters : (V bit, 0.1mm) Feedrate 60mm/min, Stepover : 0.045mm, Plungerate : 15mm/min, RPM 9500, Depth per Pass : 0.1mm (initially 0.02 but the surface was tilted)
  • Soundhole : (#121) Feedrate 60mm/min, Stepover : 0.1mm, Plungerate : 15mm/min, RPM 9500, Depth per Pass : 0.08mm (should reduce the stepover)
  • Teeth : (#111) Feedrate 100mm/min, Stepover : 0.7mm, Plungerate : 20mm/min, RPM 9500, Depth per Pass : 0.2mm

Depths :

  • The mandala : about 0.1mm (the surface was tilted after the sanding, so I had so run several passes of 0.02mm and 0.1mm from the start would have been wiser)
  • The letters : 0.5mm
  • The circle around the soundhole : 0.1mm deep
  • The soundhole : 1mm
  • The teeth : 3mm

I ran a test on wood first, but the wood was too porous so the wax sticked on it…

Hope you like it