My recent tech support experience

The problem: Machine disconnecting, crashing, and randomly “Not found”

The end solution: replacement of the controller board, and new USB cords “just in case”.

The support tech: Crystal Johnson

Crystal is nothing short of amazing. Her patience and understanding can make a grown man cry. It took a couple days (holiday weekend) but my machine is back in action, thanks to her.

I couldn’t be happier with Carbide3D, their machines, and their support. Keep up the great work everyone!!


Yep their support is amazing.

This forum is helpful, too.

Which, I guess, means you guys are actually helpful.

Hard to believe, eh?


Man, I had a couple skype calls to their customer service. So they could see what was going on, and they are probably the best tech support I have ever dealt with. I hope they keep developing new machines, because I will probably be a customer for life. There machines are great, especially for the price, and if it isn’t right, they will make it right. If I remember correctly, one of them was even on a Saturday.