My Shapeoko has already more than paid for itself!

Items I was able to make on the Shapeoko raised over $3000 for a fundraiser I ran over the holiday…and orders have continued to come in since then (pics of some of the items below). I can’t wait to keep creating things…this has been so much fun!


Awesome stuff. You should throw an edgelit sign into the group!

Thanks! Is there a place to get some good guidance on creating one? I do have a sheet of acrylic here that I’ve been wondering what to do with. :smile:

YouTube is your friend here. There are a number of build videos there.

Most do it with a “diamond drag tool” but some will machine with a small 1/8 to 1/32 end mill.

Reverse the image (mirror) and then machine into the back of the acrylic.

The trick is the base. Buy a LED strip off amazon and you are off to the races! (said the guy that hasn’t made one yet…)