My take on "Oops Clamps"

Hey gang, thought I would toss these out there. I’ve been using my own version of the oops clamps for several years now and thought I would share. I print mine out of TPU which is a flexible filament, but i print them with lots of perimeters which makes them solid yet not maring. I use 1/4 steel shafts from homedepot and 1/4 20 or M6 hardware.
The Fusion 360 project is here


Nice job using the tools you have available. +1

I’m not so set up, so I’ve been using Lever Clamps from PwnCNC to clamp smaller parts. I can attest to the advantage of the “Ooops” feature of plastic clamps. Been there; done that.

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lol yeah. I used to have a lot of hard clamps that kept getting shorter and shorter :slight_smile: Those Lever Clamps look pretty good , I hadn’t seen those before.

I’m new here and waiting on my Shapoko Pro to arrive.
Posts like yours have inspired me to make my own also.

I made these Tiger Claw replica low profile clamps today on my 3D printer. I cant justify $70 for the SS ones when I can make these for $1.50 each. Sure it takes 4 hours to print a complete set of 4 with stops, but I saved a bunch of $$. The other upside is they won’t damage the cutter if accidentally hit during operation, and if they get ruined, i can just print a new replacement.


very clever. It’s great that this type of manufacturing ability is something we can do at home!

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