My text is not align on my engraving


I have a problem whit my engraving and i don’t now how to repaire it. First thing i do whit my XL is to try to engrave a trophy plaque and the first try was very good.

But the more i try, the more the letter was closing together and all the dot on the I and the J were at the wrong place.

Than i take a break and comme back later. Today i try again and the result was worst than the first time.

I think the V-well were to lose and i tighten them a little but after that i have the worst result.

I stop all the attempt and here i am. I need help to adjust my XL but i dont now were to start. Thank you for the help

Since it worked well at the beginning, I don’t think it is your belts, but I would like you to look at each motor and make sure that each motor flat has a set screw tight on that flat, and report back.

What a change, I slack my belt to access de pulley and all of them were lose and was remove whit no difficulty only whit too fingers. Tighten the 4 pulley, install the belt again et make a test. Wow. The result was astonishing, the router pass too time on each word and no mistake.

Thank you for your help. is this problem can come back again?


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No if you used the you use the Blue Loctite that came in the kit this time.