My XXl freezes mid project

Hi, my Shapeoko just stops in the middle of a session. It seems that it disconnects or Carbide Motion freezes or gets stuck. I have to restart C.Motion to get it to work again and then start all over.
Do I need a firmware update of some sort or what could be the problem? Anyone?

Hi @grrimbart

This is more than likely an EMI-related USB communication issue, I have collected a little set of forum tips here.

First order of action : ground your vacuum hose and router body.
Let me know if this helps


Do you have dust collection hooked up? Or are you using a vacuum when this happens? If yes to either question it can be static, I had this happen on a couple of projects, Either ground the hose if connected to a dust collector/vacuum or wait to vacuum until done.

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Hi Grim,
I dealt with that intermittently. Mine was fixed when I added this EMI accessory, 100% fixed.


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Thank you. It seems that it was a problem with dust collector and the static it produces. I’ll bookmark your list for future problems :slight_smile:

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