Mysterious "option"

While I was putting together the table of the shapeoko XXL pro, I came across a page with a new mysterious “optional” part. It said to lay the 9 hptfe (not sure if that’s right but basically plastic type) strips in the recesses of the x axis running board. My question is I see nothing on this anywhere online… was It a design flaw? Was it an upgrade that wasn’t cost effective. Did it cause major problems with the machine. Did anyone else notice this?

The HDPE filler strips were available in the early iterations of the machine — but the T-track was later modified so as to (mostly) close the gap rendering them unnecessary.

  • This latest batch of Pro machines has a new design for the Hybrid Table that doesn’t use the filler strips anymore.

Carbide 3d has done an amazing job … the machine is beautiful and now it is time to fight the learning curve and enjoy.