Mystery screw fell off Shapeoko

While running a job last night, I found a M5x13mm screw on the wasteboard along with a small washer.

I can’t figure out where it came from. It’s not on the parts list in the assembly instructions (none of the screws there included washers).

Any ideas?

If it helps, one of the bottom v-wheels on that guide the Z-plus on the X axis also fell off during the same job. (The whole machine is falling apart on me LOL.)

The V wheels are held in place by such bolts, so please use that bolt and washer to put the V wheel back in place.

Please see:

and always use:


Thanks, Will. The V-wheel fell off with its bolt attached, so I guess this other bolt goes somewhere else.

They say a Photo is worth a 1000 words…


Hope this helps.

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There is a list of all the hardware used on each plate at:

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This is perfect. Im sure I’ll find it here. Thanks for the assist.

There’s a number of 10mm ish M5 bolts used to hold things like the drag chain brackets onto the machine on mine. The X stepper also uses bolts around this length.


Found the empty bolt hole. Thanks for all of the suggestions.


if you have loctite… this is a great time to use it :wink:


LOL. Yes! I’m going over the whole rig and securing it.

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