Nameplates for my boat

I know it’s not anything like the work I see here but I’m happy with the results. These are new nameplates for my boat.


Very nice! Please update with a picture after installation also? :slight_smile:

Great job. What are we fishing for? I will pay for the bait.

Beauty, eh. Boat names always allude me, but if I had about, I’d understand…


What’s the make and model of the boat? Looks like an older aluminum or steel hull.

Hi Ron, sorry for the late reply. It is a boat like many boats here in the Netherlands, it’s called a “Brekken kruiser”. It’s 10 meters long and 3.35 m wide. It’s made of steel.

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And the trip to Europe? :wink:

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Very cool. We got rid of our steel hulled Inland Seas back in 1989 This is an image that is the same hull but not ours.


I think he is fishing for compliments and he certainly has mine! Nice job.