Nearly new Nomad 883 Pro HDPE for sale

Hello everyone,

We intended to start a business with this awesome machine, but life had other ideas and now we need to move on. It’s less than a month old.

$2750 plus shipping cost from Northern California. Or if you’re in the Bay Area you can pickup on the Peninsula or I’ll deliver for free any reasonable distance.

I realize this is more than a new machine, but you’ll see below it includes pretty much every accessory possible. This is a truly all-inclusive package.

Carbide3D Nomad 883 Pro Gray HDPE
Low Profile Vise
Nomad Flip Jig
Nomad Aluminum Threaded Table
Shapeoko Touch Probe (cleanly installed with no holes drilled or any modifications to hardware or software and fully functional)
.125 and .25 collets

4 x #101 Ballnose .125
4 x #102 Square .125
3 x #111 Ballnose .063
1 x #112 Square .063
2 x #201-Z Square .250
2 x #202 Ballnose .250
1 x #203-Z Corner Radius .250
2 x #301 90 Degree V Cutter
2 x #302 60 Degree V Cutter

1 x Gorilla Mill 1/32 TiCN
1 x Niagara Cutter .250 Carbide Square TiCN

A small variety of acrylic, Delrin, and aluminum stock if you want it.

Is this machine and accessories still for sale? Email is

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