Neat Fusion360 Plugins

For those of you using fusion360, you might find these helpful. They haven’t been added to the “fusion 360 store” so you need to install them manually.

Fusion360 plugin for converting an image (height map) to a surface. Has a neat example with a penny.

This one creates soft jaws automatically. I can’t get it to work quite right for me, but maybe you can.


Ran across a few newer ones that have been handy.

Flattens a 3D design specifically for use with a CNC router…

And one for CNC joints

And one for generating gears and pinions.

One for non-round gears

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Thanks! I’m new with he ShapeOko 3 but I now use Fusion 360 for 2 months and I love it! Will try those plugin…

I have been experimenting with the height map plugin. It seems like the image I am using is less than optimal. So, I would need to carefully light the object from 4 different directions, change these to grayscale, and then combine these 4 images in a photo imaging app. This process should remove the many spikes on the surface that I am seeing too.