Neat trick using tablet to control Nomad

So my Nomad is not in the most convenient place as it’s a good 10’ from my computer (iMac) and this makes centering the bits a little tough. I thought there must be an easy solution to this and there is, I believe it will work with any computer / tablet combo.

Google Chrome has an app you can download in the browser called Chrome Remote Desktop and you can also download the corresponding app in your tablet (iPad Mini for me).

This app allows you to not only see your screen but also allows input by touchscreen.

So I can sit directly in front of my Nomad holding the iPad and setting up center perfectly, then running the job.

It actually surprised me how easy it was to get this setup, took me all of 8 minutes from idea to using it.

Just thought I would share and hope it helps someone else.


Note that this feature is no longer available in current versions.

Alternately you can use the network connectivity:

Tablet interface on port 8080
connect with a browser to port 8080


Great…finally a use for my Nexus 7 (2012). It still works fine but its too slow for everyday use.

You can also use a Bluetooth 10-key to jog, change jog speed, etc… So many choices!!! Now we just need a tinfoil hat to turn our thoughts into reality! C3D folks, you listening?

Jokes aside, didn’t know about the Chrome app, very cool!



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