Need 1/8” Rounding End Mill, 1/4” shaft

Does anyone know where to find this? It seems that all 1/8” rounding end mills have >1/4” shaft. I’m trying to fit it in the Carbide router (Makita). I’m working with 6061 Aluminum.


I have been using standard carbide woodworking round-over router bits on my granite 1324 on alu. if you go slow on the feedrate on your shapeoko, it should be no problem. (do a roughing pass and a final pass)

they usually come with ball bearings as a guide, so I would remove that. you will still need to elevate your part, and the z-height is critical

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Are you looking for a 1/8" roundover bit or a 1/8" ball bit?

If you’re looking for a roundover bit, this one may foot the bill?

If you’re looking for a ball bit, this one, might work for you

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Roundover. That bit could work, but my piece is 1/4” so the 3/8” depth is a bit much. I could possibly elevate my piece though.

Interesting idea! I’ll give it a try!

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