Need a BitRunner?

Note: This is still available. When someone decides they want it I will post a note here that it is no longer available.

I ended up with a second BitRunner for my Shapeoko Pro XXL. What you see is all I have; there aren’t any other cords or cables beyond what is shown in the picture.

I don’t need it and am willing to give it to a good home in exchange for postage. I estimate the shipping cost will be between $10 and $15, but I will share the receipt with the interested party. You can reimburse me via PayPal or Venmo and then I will ship.

Below are a links to a couple of pictures.

a. I want to try to make sure that whoever gets this actually uses it rather than resell it on eBay.
b. It does not have the cables that connect it to the Shapeoko Pro control unit.
c. It does not have the grounding wire.
d. There is no spindle enable unit, but my understanding was that it wasn’t needed with this unit.

IMG_1586.jpeg - Google Drive, IMG_1584.jpeg - Google Drive


Bill Cogswell


I can’t see the pics as it won’t let me access them but I will take it for the cost of postage just let me know how much

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