Need a couple, can you guess?

I needed a couple of these. So I used my Shapeoko to cut them out. Quarter inch ply.
Guess what they are…


Uggggeeeee washers for a massiv inaccurate hole :sweat_smile:


Mini Olympic rings
Dust shoe boot
Large bubble blowers

What do I win :sunglasses:

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Yeah, one is off center. I totally didn’t put in tabs and had cut center separately.
Toilet seat was close.

Toilet loose, started leaking. Pulled it out and ha, no wonder, the flange was almost a quarter inch below tile floor. So cut these to raise flange up. Glued down and screwed flange in and new toilet is now operational. Wife and daughter are happy…

Win? Nah, I ain’t got nothing for winners.
Btw, it took me way longer than Necessary, my bandsaw would have taken a couple of minutes. But the cnc was way more fun


For $10 and 10 minutes you can buy a Toilet Flange Extender at the big orange store. But with a $1000 machine and a few hours you too can make it yourself. I’ve done it too. That’s why it’s called DIY! :smile:


Yeah, and I didn’t have to drive back into town and lose and hour…

it’s not $10, you walk out with a $300 hole in your wallet and all kinds of stuff in a cart

Feeling kind of silly — a friend’s wife called me for help on this, and I drove over with a hand drill and a coping saw.

I have to admit it was a Blue Spruce Toolworks Ultimate Coping Saw which I’d just gotten that day…