Need a favor.... try a couple commands for me?

I’m trying to diagnose a problem with a SuperGerbil board/firmware. If someone could do the following with a shapeoko board with 1.1 firmware, it would help me out.

From the console in UG (or mdi in carbide create)
$H (should home the machine)
$$ (Should show your settings, then wait for “ok”)
? (should show the current position and pin state - please let me know if it says “ok” afterwards)
$$ (should show your settings again - please let me know if this works, or appears hung)
$H (should home the machine)

If you could post the log of what happens here, I’d appreciate it.

Not using UGS or CM, but, yes, it should display “ok” after the ? status.

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Any chance you’re on a switch? I don’t think the ‘?’ works if in a hard limit alarm state (at least with GRBL).


Attached. (2.9 KB)

@mikep Does it hang every time you send a ‘?’

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Every time… with the supergerbil code.

Doesn’t seem to matter where. can jog around, move all over, do many things. But “?” and I’m stuck. Unfortunately, lightburn uses that command a lot.

Try uncommenting that line I highlighted and recompiling.

Thanks everyone, this has been extremely helpful!

Update if when you get it working.

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