Need an older version of Carbide Create

My computer was attacked by a virus and I lost everything. I am in need of the Carbide Create version that ran my Shapeoko Pro. Does anyone have a dowloadable copy of the old programs or can anyone tell me how to use the new V7 version. When trying to set up my Pro, there is no setting choice for a Shapeoko Pro.

The current version of Carbide Create should work with your machine and a current Carbide Motion — machine selection is just an artifact of history — it doesn’t matter what is selected beyond an optional reminder.

When I go under machine settings under debug is Y Home supposed to be checked because it won’t change to any other setting?

Are the Y-axis homing switch(es) stuck on?

Is the machine all the way at the back?

Maybe how can I tell if they are stuck and how do you unstick them? and yes the machine is all the way to the back and won’t move at all just makes a noise.

Please check in w/

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